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Founder's Day 2022!

We will be back in the same place for Founders Day = Wells Fargo Drive through at Wallace Street.  Come see us there for a tortilla wrap of whatever we have ready!

Thanks to our new sponsors this year:

Gardner Plumbing

Lewis Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Capstone Electric

Stone Valley Music Park

Lewis Family Medicine Urgent Care OFFICI



We’ve made a few changes to the page, check it out and let us know what you think.  Lots of great pics of the band and some of you the crowd.  Columbus Day Party, Founder’s Day, Fischer Hall and the list goes on. 


We are going to start concentrating on your favorite music, good ol’ classic country and maybe a little Honky Tonk while we’re at it.  Recently had a great show out at Stone Valley Texas Music Park and just got back in June from Port A and the Annual Fishing Break.  What a blast! 


Check out the calendar and come see a live show

We've got a new spot here on the web to talk about BBQ Competitions and Fundraisers around Central and South East Texas that I participate in. Founders Day is our biggest annual event held in April, Relay for life is a busy fundraiser usually in May. Thanks to my guys in the Cookin’ Casanovas, we’ve raised over $30K in auction money selling the Band and BBQ. Thanks Dripping Springs and South Austin for all the support at DSUMC’s Annual Wild Game Dinner.


Upcoming Competition: 

The Cookin’ Casanovas will be entering the t10h Annual Hill Country Rally for Kids out at Camp Ben McColloch.  Come join the festivities, August 12th and 13th.  This will be an IBCA sanctioned event.

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